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 How To Connect!!!

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How To Connect!!! Empty
PostSubject: How To Connect!!!   How To Connect!!! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 2:34 am

Read this first before downloading the game!!
Important Rules [Don`t Ignore this!!][Updated [11/30/07]

Step 1:
Get the OFficial Client Here:
MacBRosE Client
If that one is too slow you can download
Mirror 2
and install the downloaded EXE.

Step 2:

Run Triggerdetect.exe(once!) from your Rose directory ;most likely C:\Program Files\Triggersoft\Rose Online Evolution\

How To Connect!!! Ascc3
select your resolution etc., click Apply and let ROSE update;this can take some time...get some tea or coffee Smiley

How To Connect!!! Updateroseru2

Step 3:
Download the Launcher and Patch Here!
Launcher Mirror 1
Launcher Mirror 2
Launcher Mirror 3
Patch_Part1 Mirror1
Patch_Part1 Mirror 2
Patch_Part1 Mirror3
Patch_Part2 Mirror1

Step 4:
Join Hamachi network 1st:

  • macbrose1
  • macbrose2
  • macbrose3
Note you must connect first in 1 room before entering the game and join 1 room only or i will kick and ban you!!

Step 5:
Extract all content of the zip-file to your ROSE-map C:\Program Files\Triggersoft\Rose Online Evolution\
Zip-file content:

- Rose Launcher.exe

- TRose.exe (overwrite the existing Trose.exe)

- lconfig.nhd [color=red] server ip into

How To Connect!!! Taot4

Step 6:
Run the Rose Launcher.exe from your ROSE directory and press 'Play ROSEonline''

(no need to login in this screen IF you see it,thats just the forum-login Smiley just press the big Play button )

How To Connect!!! 22011055dy1

Step 7:
type in a user name and password of your choice and press the green circle button.

It will come up with "User Account does not exist".

How To Connect!!! Loginay9

Click Confirm, then type in that SAME USERNAME AND PASSWORD you used before and you're in bussiness!

Have fun!Enjoy!

(*)if you accidentally updated ROSE again repeat Step 2 lol!
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How To Connect!!!
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