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 Item Drop List!!

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Item Drop List!! Empty
PostSubject: Item Drop List!!   Item Drop List!! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 2:40 am

Rare Skill Drops:

Everywhere but mostly in Luna [/go 4]

and rare skill can also drop to Yigore Ghost

Desert of Death Drops [/go 9]:

Level Req. for drops items lvl 70-120

Saint Heaven`s Set

Saint Plate Set

Saint Redfield Chairman Set

Saint Wild Hawker Set

Heaven`s Set

Plate Set

Redfield Chairman Set

Wild Hawker Set

Level 100 Weapon all Class

Xite Refuge Drops [/go 5]

Level Req. for drops items lvl 120-160

Pencer Queen Spot:

Elven Heaven`s Set

Elven Plate Set

Elven Wild Hawker Set

Elven Redfield Chairman Set

Golden Heaven`s Set

Golden Plate Set

Golden Wild Hawker Set

Golden Redfield Chairman Set

Level 100 Weapon all Class

Sikuku Fighter Spot:

Saint Rightous Plate Set

Saint Noble Lord Set

Saint Archmage Set

Saint Netherworld Set

Level 100 Weapon all Class

Shady Jungle Drops [/go 5 make a walk lol] :

same drop in Sikuku Fighter Spot

Marsh of Ghost Drops [/go 5 make a walk lol] :

Ancient Tablet 4

All Rare Skill

Level 100 Weapon all Class

Sikuku Underground Drops [/go 10] :

Level Req. for drops items lvl 160-230

All Rare Weapon lvl 100 Weapon all Class

6th Grade Talisman

6th Grade Bindrune

7th Grade Talisman

7th Grade Bindrune

8th Grade Talisman

8th Grade Bindrune


Ancient Tablet 5

Kera Drops :

Level 160 Armor [Slotted and Appraisal]

All Talis and Bindrune

Materials are drops randomly everywhere!!

More Items Will be listed!!
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Item Drop List!!
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