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 [Frequenly] Asked Question!!

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[Frequenly] Asked Question!! Empty
PostSubject: [Frequenly] Asked Question!!   [Frequenly] Asked Question!! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 2:48 am

Q:Where can i hunt level 100 items like weapon and armor?

A:Level 100 weapon drops at Eldeon , Xite Refuge , MOG , Sikuku Underground!

Level 140-160 Weapon And Armors drops Mostly Sikuku Underground And MOG!!

Q:Whats Kera Drop?

A:Mostly Level 160 Armors!!or if ur lucky level 200 Weapon!

Q:I can`t download the patch in filefront?

A:Use other mirror!

Q:I can`t load the game!!

A:run 1st the Trose.exe and TriggerDetect.exe Only once!

Q:I can`t connect in the game its said undermaintenance!!

A:You must connect first in hamachi!

Q:Where can i level fast?

A:Junon Clan Field find Jelly Bean!

Q:Where can i get talis or bindrune?

A:Sikuku Underground!
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[Frequenly] Asked Question!!
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