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 For Newbie!

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PostSubject: For Newbie!   For Newbie! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 2:51 am

For All Newbie you all can post here about ING problems!!

Basic Commands - Newbie Guide

How to Change Job:

Type: /class [preferred job class]

e.g. /class Bourgeois

Basic PC Operation:

ALT S : Skill TREE and Basic Skill Commands (Sit, Drive Cart, Trade, etc)

ALT V : Inventory

ALT A : Stats

How to Teleport:

Type : /go [code of the place]

e.g /go 3

GO Commands:

/go 1 [ Adventurer's Plains ]

/go 2 [ City of Zant ]

/go 3 [ City of Junon Polis ]

/go 4 [ City of Eucar - Luna ]

/go 5 [ Xita Refuge Camp - Eldeon ]

/go 6 [ Junon Training Grounds ]

/go 7 [ El Verloon Dessert ]

/go 8 [ Goblin Cave (B1) ]

/go 9 [ Dessert of the Dead ]

/go 10 [ Sikuku Underground Prison - Eldeon ]

To know whose online:

Type: /who

To know the names of players online:

Type /who2

TIP: Normal attack causes bigger damage than Skill attacks.

Have FUN playing!


- You can buy your Passive Skill books and non-Rare skill books in NPC's:

> For Level 10 - 95 ( /go 3 ) skill books are found at the City of Junon Polis, NPC [Mayor] Darren

> For Level 100 - 160 ( /go 4 ) skill books are found at the Magic City of Eucar, NPC [Arumic Prophet] Olleck Basilasi

Note: To be able to understand the language in the Magic City of Eucar,
you must talk to the ambassador first, NPC [Akram Ambassador] Eliot.

* To be able to keep up with the prizes of items SOLD by the GM's,
we strongly SUGGEST for you to keep the items dropped by the monsters
and sell it to NPC"s to generate zulie.

** For other concerns like where the storage is, the NPC's for
Armors/Weapons/Pots and other things, PLEASE explore the GAME and
discover it yourself! It's MORE fun and adventurous that way!

Where to LEVEL up:

Level 1- 30 : Adventurer's Plains, Valley of Luxem Tower, El Verloon Desert

Level 30 - 50 : Outskirts of the Canyon City of Zant and City of Junon Polis, Forest of Wisdom,

Level 51 - 90 : Kenjie Beach, Gorge of Silence

Level 91 - 130 : Dessert of the Dead, Magic City of Eucar ( Field of Mana, Arumic Valley, Crystal Snowfields, Freezing Plateau)

Level 131 - 160 : Outskirts of Xita Refuge Camp

Level 161 - 180 : Shady Jungle, Marsh of Ghosts, Forest of Wandering

Level 181 - 2xx : Sikuku Underground Prison

Note: Please don't forget to pick-up the items dropped by the monsters
to be able to generate zulie while leveling up, and have your Weapon
and Set of Armor used, repaired by the designated NPC's in each City or
Planet you're into with.

HAVE FUN playing!

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For Newbie!
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