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 Reason why SERVER always OFFLINE!

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Reason why SERVER always OFFLINE! Empty
PostSubject: Reason why SERVER always OFFLINE!   Reason why SERVER always OFFLINE! Icon_minitimeFri Dec 07, 2007 6:54 pm

1.Only Me and GM Evangel can run the server we can`t monitor the server in 24hours coz we have to work in are real life JOB!!So if are server got error im sorry but server will offline just wait us to come back home then we will fixed it!!

2.Lack of GM we really really need GM or FM to help us in the time we can`t fixed the error!

3.Lack of time im the only one who program this server so i getting hard time to add or to make new event, items, ETC. in this server, because of my JOB!

4.Bill in Electricity almost one month still no one want to donate to us i really really need your support please help me running this server if only i can save more money we can run the server 24/7 thanxs to AyaUeto and John still we can run the server 18/7.....

5.Problem in are server memory we are using 512mb only but we are planning to upgrade it into 1gb when we got donator and save money we will upgrade the SERVER!

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Reason why SERVER always OFFLINE!
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