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 Forum Rules!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules!   Forum Rules! Icon_minitimeTue Nov 27, 2007 2:24 am

"Welcome to the MacBRosE Community."

This board is made to promote cooperation, helpfulness and good

attitude among the player community. We encourage everyone to discuss what

they know about the game and try to help out the others in need,

especially the newbies.

Here are guidelines that players are advised to follow to help create a

positive atmosphere that would be helpful in building a community:

1. No discussions or links pertaining to private servers, client

modifications, bots, or any other third-party programs.

Such practices are universally considered as cheating in any game.

Sure, it may get you slightly ahead in the game, but are you willing to

sacrifice your morals over such a small matter?

Also, do not post any discussions or links to unlicensed copyrighted

material. This includes MP3 and Anime episode sites, CD key generators or

sites that present ways to get them.

The penalty for violating this rule is permanent account suspension. No

if's, and but's.

People who make statements like "Why stop botting when it's all over

the place!", "don't stop private servers, it's fun!" are considered as

advocates and will get the same penalty as above.

2. Please post in a civilized manner.

Because courtesy (and other ritualized stupidity) is what separates us

from the animals. This dictum can be broken down into the following:

a.) Keep your tempers under control.

Yes, sometimes things may irritate/offend/outrage you, but that doesn't

mean that you can respond in kind. If anything, exchanging heated words

will simply draw people in and cause a flame war, which will more often

than not lead to breaking the succeeding rules.

b.) Limit your language to PG-13.

Because some of the members may be minors, and because excessive

lewdness, profanity and sexual innuendo is the sign of a depraved mind. If

you absolutely must cross the PG-13 barrier, censor yourself.

Additionally, do not post links that rate anything more than R-18.

(That includes H, anything from and otherwise disturbing


c.) Do not make unwarranted personal attacks or spread false statements

about someone or something.

That goes for both personal attacks due to inability to refute

someone's arguments or spreading and propagating unconfirmed rumors about a

person or organization's alleged actions. The former is a logical fallacy

and the sign of an immature (or petty) mind and the latter is simply


The penalty of violating these rules will range from post deletion and

a warning for minor offenses, to post moderation or temporary

suspension for major offenses, to permanent account suspension for repeated

and/or serious offenses.

3.) Follow the rules of basic netiquette.

(Here's a primer on netiquette for those with time on their hands.)

This applies to *any* online community you visit. Again, another rule

that can be broken down into the following directives:

a.) Do not spam.

Spamming refers to posting comments unrelated to a topic, posting

pointless responses (such as a simple emoticon or a one-liner) and posting

outside of the appropriate section.

This also includes advertising unrelated sites or soliciting products

that have nothing to do with the subject matter.

b.) Post legibly.

D0 /\/07 P057 |/\/ 1337. dnt pst n txt shrthnd. DO NOT USE ALL CAPS

UNLESS YOU'RE EMPHASIZING A POINT. It's not like a few extra keystrokes

(Caps Lock included) will take all that much time to push, and it makes

your messages easier to read (and more intelligent).

c.) Limit your .sig sizes.

It should be 200 height and 500 width.

Forum Rules! Signature-warningcopy

Know that big signatures will be butchered without warning. You will be

notified about it depending on the moderator or administrator.

Not everyone has broadband internet, after all, so make sure your

signatures, especially those with images, doesn't hog bandwidth. The

signature image size should have a MAXIMUM of 150kb. Filesize restrictions for

avatars would be 70kb.

d.) Do not stray from the topic of the thread.

Out of consideration to the person who started the thread and the

people following it, please do not attempt to derail the discussion with

off-topic posts.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning. Receive too many

warnings and you may get a temporary or permanent suspension, depending

on moderator leniency.

d.) Use Common Language.

Avoid posting in any language other than English. Some sections may

require the strict use of the English language for the benefit of foreign players.

Moderators reserve the right to allow other dialects in sections like
the Clan sections. This rule doesn't apply to the International Zone

4.) Avoid posting double topics.

The Search function is there for a reason, after all.

5.) No Trolling.

A Troll is a user who makes a post simply to generate arguments and

cause chaos. It is usually an off-topic post or a ranting diatribe against

a person or organization.

Anyone violating this rule will be suspended, period. Anarchy may be

fun, but not in here it isn't.

6.) Read all Announcements.

At least the ones in the Rules section, and some stickies in the other

sections. Ignorance of a new rule, event, etc. is no excuse for

violating them. (You can easily see the date of the latest post in the Rules

section so this shouldn't be a hassle)

7.) No intergame/interserver trading.

Trading items/characters on a different game (Arua and RuFF included)

for a 7H account or 7H items is NOT allowed. If you are caught doing so,

all accounts involved with the trade will be banned. This applies to the forums and


Moderator's have the right to deem certain things inappropriate. If
we feel you're breaking a rule, we'll warn you, with an explanation as
to why you were warned.

Disobeying the forum rules will result in a punishment proportional
to the rule disobeyed. Moderators and Administrators have the right to
decide on a suitable punishment.
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Forum Rules!
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